Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Blue Chair

mew I love this chair. Mummy was going to throw it out. She changed her mind and told me I could use it as my ultimate scratching device. I sometimes use it as an exercise device too when I hang onto the back of it with my claws and then pull myself up. Mummy should really get a picture of that.


JB's Big World said...

Tun Tun,
We have a blue chair tooo....but mom does not want to throw it out....it is a good chair. It gets even better when we redecorate it with our paws. You look great on your blue chair!

Daisy said...

That chair looks good for scratching!

Kimo & Sabi said...

Every cat should have an ultimate scratching chair - it's da law!

P.S. - nice to meet ya and fanks fer visitin' our bloggie - we will add you to our blog roll - come visit again soon!

Parker said...

I think that it's great that you have your very own chair!

Moki said...

Were glad your mommy didn't through out your chair. The color suits you nicely!

felinesopher said...

nice to see ya again:)

wow, chair as scratching post...we love to do that too! so if you have the chance to visit our home, we make beautiful ornaments on all mommy's furniture in the house! LOL! coz, mommy's friend was very surprised & amazed to see our artistic creation on them;) what a multifunction, aren't we?

Meaouwy Troops are so glad now coz mommy coming back to home & dun forget to find out inside our brain & compare it with humans' brain, sneak peek at Felinesophy